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Our Philosophy & Planning Process

Barberio & McClelland Financial Services has been serving the financial needs of our clients since 1993. Our managing partners have almost 40 years of combined experience to provide our clients with advice on a variety of strategies to help address your needs.

Our belief in preparation, continuing education/training, and advanced skills allows us to provide our clients with better service. We have many types of clients, some with special needs. Our firm is committed to excellence not only in our performance, but also by those that we occasionally rely upon to support our efforts.

Client Centered

We have been successful in organizing and surrounding our company with some of the best people and technology in the financial services industry. Our firm provides focused financial planning(**) services, insurance and investments (*) through a formal planning process designed with a goal to solve for the complex financial problems of affluent business owners, retirees, executives and professionals. We focus on your needs and goals and then show you your options. Our primary role is to understand your situation and then provide you with information, advice and solutions you need to make the best possible decisions about your financial future. Working with you, we'll focus on your own specific needs and goals. After a thorough analysis of your financial situation, we'll develop a range of planning strategies for you to consider. Where appropriate, these specialized strategies will include a variety of insurance and investment recommendations. Once you decide on a direction, we're prepared to work with your accountant and attorney to help implement your plan.

Ongoing, we foster long-term client relationships by keeping you informed of economic, tax and other changes, which could affect your personal financial situation. In addition, at your direction, we will review your plan periodically to see if changes require an adjustment in your financial strategies. The accomplishment of this mission is built on the following foundations:

We serve as a CLIENT ADVOCATE - Emphasis is on focused financial planning services. There will be continued focus on improved quality, superior service, extraordinary responsiveness and organizational uniqueness. All will be measured from the client’s perspective. Through continued development skills, we will strive for optimum market development that generates the revenues for the supportive environment demanded by our marketplace.

Barberio & McClelland Financial Services believes that the foundation of our business is the long-term, permanent relationship we build with our clients embodied by the precept of the “SERVE FIRST” philosophy. In all of our dealings with our clients, we will strive to help them identify and achieve their goals.


(*) Registered Representative of, and Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Hornor, Townsend & Kent, LLC. (HTK), Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC, - Barberio & McClelland Financial Services and Primary Financial are independent of HTK.

(**) Financial planning services are provided exclusively by Investment Adviser Representatives of HTK.

HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and does not offer tax or legal advice.

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